Bus & roof terrace


We are the performance collective ArtesMobiles. We are nerds à la art!
Among us: actors, actresses, choreographers, costume designers, dancers, light artists, media artists, musicians, performers, and programmers, who are on their way to dissolve the academic and cultural categories and break the boundaries between art, theater and technology. Therefore, we stage cross-genre and combine in our performances these art forms with the technologies of contemporary media.

Our heart is a 12m long historical library bus, which we have converted into a self-sufficient theater stage. Everything takes place here, from the development to the realisation of our audiovisual performance formats. Conspicuous but not demanding, we interact with our audience in our immersive performances. Known for our softly eye-catching stage sets, we make inviting places whose ambience is timeless. This is how we create a space between vintage and science fiction. Sometimes we are pompous glamor, sometimes just a black room, a projected surface, a site-specific spectacle or a performative installation.

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